The Time When Wheat Thins Made Me Think About Missionaries

I know. I know. Wheat Thins & Missionaries?
What the !@#$%^ do wheat thins & missionaries have in common?
(Me & Brooklyn already established that I have a potty mouth. Okay. That's a lie. I don't swear. ha)
They are related though, I promise!
As many of you know, I've been tackling a missionary project.
I sent 25 individual packages full of letters from girls to all the missionaries who graduated with me.
It was a lot of work, but so incredibly amazing!
I don't currently live in Idaho, so trying to coordinate getting letters from the girls I graduated with, printing the letters, sealing envelopes (which is disgusting. Have you ever licked 100 plus envelopes? My tongue is in desperate need of some TLC), getting missionary addresses, contacting people...blah, blah, blah.
Whew. Just looking at the list is wearing me out.
But really, it's been the most spiritual experience and yesterday, I FINALLY MAILED THEM!!!
Yes, ladies & gentleman, I did it!
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The first time I went to the post office, the mail-lady told me that sending the letters in the original packages I had them in was going to cost me $5 per envelope. 
That would have cost me like $200! No thank you! So, I asked her if there was a cheaper way and she told me to get tan envelopes instead of white ones. I went to Walmart, bought the envelopes, sat down at my kitchen table, and proceeded to transfer the addresses from the white envelopes to the tan ones. As I was doing this though, I was eating wheat thins and pondering. Now, wheat thins are great because they are slightly sweet, but at the same time very satisfying. I think that's how a mission is. It's sweet. It's crunchy sometimes, but mostly it's spiritually satisfying. I was also thinking about what those boys faces will look like when they open the envelope and a butt load of letters fall out.
Like really?!
I squeal every time I think about it!!
Can you just imagine? They are going to be stunned.
Especially the boys that don't ever get mail. I hope they will be so excited!
I was talking to one of my co-workers about getting letters & he told me he would get SOO excited when someone would hand-write him a letter. He loved them so much that when someone would e-mail him, he would hand-write them one back.
It's little acts of charity like that, that make me so happy.
So, guys, that's how wheat thins made me think about missionaries.
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  1. HAHAHA Us and our cursing ;)
    I didn't know you went through all that work! Good heavens, mailing can be so expensive. I'm glad you found a cheaper way. They definitely appreciate the letters!! That is such a good way of comparing wheat thins. You are great.

  2. i cannot believe you sent out that many packages!! that is so impressive! go you.

  3. You are so awesome to do that!!! I need to be better at sending missionary letters.

  4. try this: "what the bieber do wheat thins and missionaries..." (just trust me on this one.)

    1. I like it. :) Totally using it next time I pretend swear. :)