I Believe

I believe in rejection.
I believe in taking risks that will lead to failure.
I believe in stretching your comfort zone to outrageous limits.
I believe in these because I have never done them.
I want to though.
I want to take risks.
I want to stretch my comfort zone.
What's holding me back?
More specifically, fear of people.
I'm afraid of ridicule and humiliation.
I'm afraid that people will un-friend me on Facebook.
I'm afraid people will stop being nice to me because I failed.
I'm afraid people will tarnish my well-earned respect because of one meaningful act of strength.
I see other people become the people they want to be and I'm envious. Covetous, even, because those people have what I so desperately crave.
It isn't about love or getting a successful job or climbing Mount Everest.
It's about the little things.
The girl that is kind to everyone no matter who they are.
The boy who holds the door open for every person, not just girls.
The human beings that make other people feel wonderful by just being in their presence.
 The girl who knows without a doubt that there is a God.
These people stand up for what they believe in and they take risks for it.
It's easy to stand back idly and have a neutral response to situations.
It's easy to agree with someone just so there isn't contention.
But what's really hard is taking a stance.
What's really hard is being the person, deep down inside, you know you can be.
What's really hard is treating others the way you want to be treated, no matter how socially awkward they may be.
What's really hard is believing.


  1. i love this. and as i was reading this i was thinking, "holy crap this sounds like me. oh my... that sounds like me, etc." it must be a red-head thing or something. ;)