Human Beings

Along with the millions of other people in the world, I am a human being.
I make mistakes and I am terribly insecure. I'm prideful, arrogant, rude, and obnoxious.
I was sitting in church today and I wasn't feeling particularly happy, I was letting my natural man get the better of me.
I looked over to my right and there was a boy sitting on a pew all by himself.
I had a prompting to go over and tell him that he should come and sit by me, but I didn't follow through.
Half-way through the meeting, a different boy goes over and sits by this boy that I should have sat by.
I was furious.
I was annoyed that this kid had done what Heavenly Father clearly wanted me to do.
I was annoyed because this particular boy was kind of a jerk to me, but then he turns around and does such a Christ like action.
As I started to get more furious, I had a thought..
He's a Child of God. Just like you.
My pride and arrogance trickled away.
I realized that I was being a human being and I needed to be a spiritual being.
My epiphany continued as I began to realize that even though this kid was kind of a jerk, he's a human being too. 
He makes mistakes and I shouldn't think that he's a jerk because Heavenly Father doesn't think so.
He's a Child of God. Just like me.
And Heavenly Father loves me, even on the days when I'm being a jerk.
 Even on the days when I don't say hi to that kid that passes me every day.
Even on the days when I think mean thoughts about my roommates.
Even on the days when I pull away from Him because I don't think I need His help in my life.
He loves me, no matter what and having that knowledge makes all the difference in my life.


  1. This is beautiful, Elisabeth. I love it. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. This is great. I totally have those moments too. It totally makes me take a step back and re-evaluate when I see those that I think are "mean" or "selfish" or are "jerks" being nice or Christ-like and think "Wait! They're not allowed to be that way! They're not a nice person!" and then realize I'm the one I need to change. And what I love most is we are allowed the chance to constantly improve ourselves and be forgiven for our not-so-shining moments :)