I'm SOO Funny

Don't let the title deceive you: I'm not funny.
I'm not witty or charismatic or clever.
I try to be, but more often than not, being funny just leads to embarrassment.
Ya know. That awkward moment when someone tries to be funny.
You still think they're cool, but they're just not funny.
People tell me I'm funny, because when I'm not thinking about saying some witty remark, I actually say something quite hilarious.
Why does that happen?
When you're NOT thinking about being something or doing something, it actually happens.
As much as I wish I was funny, I also wish I was one of those people that other people notice.
I know that's super selfish and conceited, but I notice people. 
And when I notice people, I wonder if they notice me.
I'm sure I stand out. I mean, I'm a girl who's the average height of a man.
But do people notice me?
Do they notice that I try my hardest to be kind?
Do people notice that I try to with all my heart to conform to their opinions because I just want them to like me?
Do people notice that I get really uncomfortable in certain situations?
Or that I blossom in others?
I guess the point of this post is maybe I just need to not worry about it and more often than not, people will notice me.
Even if I'm not that funny.

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