A Nightly Spiel....

I've been thinking a lot about my bravery lately.
I am not a naturally brave person.
I don't take risks. I don't feel like it's necessary.
I'm very content in my sweet cocoon of a comfort zone, thank you very much.
I've often wondered why that is. Why do I have this wall of incapability that makes me fear risk?
What am I really afraid of?
I think I'm afraid of what people will think.
I'm afraid of how I will affect people by my "20 seconds of insane courage".
I was talking to my roommate the other day about this guy she has started dating recently. I asked how she was able to start dating him because she was the one that made all the moves, as in, she went to his apartment all the time, she talked to him, she basically led their relationship to where they are now.
When I was asking her how this all came about she replied, "I was very brave. I wasn't myself."
Now, she wasn't saying she wasn't being herself when she was being brave, she just meant that she broke out of her comfort zone. 
She was brave.
She felt like it was necessary to take a risk.
So, let's think here for a sec...let's say I take a risk and I fall flat on my face?
Someone ends up hating my guts or I don't get the reaction that I want or I put all of my effort and bravery into a cause and it doesn't work out?
What now?
What then?
My soul becomes bruised and scarred and I just put up more walls. 
Is this productive?
Does bravery and taking risks create opportunities?
Everyone tells me so, but it has yet to happen to me. 
I guess this is just a little spiel...but what do you guys think?
Where has being brave helped you?


  1. Hi Elisabeth I found you from the linkup and am glad I popped by your blog :)
    I was not a naturally brave person but as I got older, became more confident in myself and with taking a stand I have become moreso. I think I am most brave when it comes to others, if I see someone treated incorrectly I am much more apt to stand up for them immediately rather than myself, or say a defenseless animal. I don't think I'd have it any other way. Thank you for providing the food for thought - I am definitely now following (sorry for the essay!)


    1. Hey girl!! Thanks for stopping by! And thank you for the feedback! :) :) You're the best! :)

  2. Holy cow. Did I write this? I think I did. I wish I had a good response, but I don't. I just want you to know you are not alone in that comfort cocoon :)

  3. Have you seen this blog? http://www.entresting.com/blog/ The writer is practising "rejection therapy", as in he tries to make crazy requests of people, in the knowledge that they will most likely reject him. The point is to build up a tolerance so he is no longer afraid. It is a really interesting project. (oh and schpeel is actually spelled spiel)

    1. Girl, thanks for the spelling help!! haha I'm checking out that site right now! :)

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  5. Being brave helped me become the person I am today ... made me the person the Lord wanted and needed me to be. My word of advice in bravery, however, is not to do something brave just in namesake of doing something brave. Be brave in what the Lord is asking you to do ... because then, I have learned, you never fall on your face, even if the expectations aren't met. Good luck, chica. :)

  6. Girl, bravery has made me everything I am. The other day a guy told me that life is harder post-mission because he feels like God doesn't open as many doors for him, but on his mission he was never afraid to act boldly. I told him I haven't served a mission so I don't know, but I know God opens doors for me all the time -- because I act boldly all the time. I just reached a point where I realized nobody was going to hand me the things I wanted (an education, jobs I wanted, relationships, etc.) unless I got off my duff and went after them. Here's the way I look at it: if I don't try for something, I already know I won't get it. But if I do try, at least I'm opening the possibility of it working out. Even if I fail, at least I know I tried. And failure....failure. What does it hurt anyway? A little lost pride or embarrassment or whatever it might be? Those things go away. So, you know...try asking yourself, "What do I honestly have to lose here?" and if the answer isn't anything that'll kill you...take a leap or two :) (End essay.)

    1. Also, as for God opening doors for me, I think it matters so much to Him when I take action and try for things. Even if it's not the right thing, I've noticed it makes Him more willing to open OTHER doors or re-point me in the right direction. I honestly believe that heaven's influence in my life is in direct proportion to the amount of effort I'm putting into things. When I take big steps, Heavenly Father takes them with me. He acts boldly when I do. (Now end essay.)

    2. Katilda!

      That is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you! I'm learning more and more about my faith every day and I know Heavenly Father will open doors for me if I try. I really appreciate your words! They have given me strength :)

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