Christmas Snippets

Christmas Snippets for y'alls Christmas entertainment!
(Because, let's face it...after Santa has come and all the presents are unwrapped, we're all bored out of our minds).

--Bridget (my little sister): "How does Santa make the iPads?"
My daddy-o: "Santa has a business arrangement with Apple".
Good ole Steve Jobs (rip) making an arrangement with Santa. Clever man.

--Matching pajamas with the sibs!! #siblinglove
--Caroling on Christmas Eve! A Gee family tradition!

--Puppet show!!
My mom is a schoolteacher and one year she got these handmade puppets of the nativity scene from one of her students, so every year we get the puppets out and we put on a puppet show. Always a riot! There's an angel puppet, a baby jesus puppet, and a sheep puppet!! (And we all know how much I love sheep...) 

--My mother got North & South for Christmas, so I decided to watch it. Holy macral! Is that a doozy of a movie or what?! SO incredible though. It brought me to tears.

Merry Christmas my dear readers & Happy New Year!
Thank you for reading my blog! :)


  1. NORTH AND SOUTH!!! eeee!! you do mean the BBC miniseries-turned-movie, right? (there's another movie by the same name about the civil war.) OK but seriously, love that british tragic romance. And ready for a mind-blowing fact? The main guy in N&S = the main dwarf prince guy (Thorin) in The Hobbit. Yep. If you think real hard you can see it in the eyes. Or you can just imdb it and see for yourself. Mind = blown!

    1. I do mean the BBC romance movie!!! It's THE BEST!! Seriously. I DIED! :) So cute! :)

  2. I love the Gee family!! Love the puppet show, you guys should've broke out in potter puppet pals. Snape, Snape, Severus Snape...Dumbledore!!!

  3. The puppet show! I love that! haha. Seriously though, we are all bored out of our minds. But maybe that's because my BFF thinks its super cool to go be with her family or whatever. ;)

  4. Haha I love sibling fun. I always laugh the loudest with my family :)

  5. Cuuuuuuute picture of your siblings! Sibling fun is the best kind of fun, but seriously.

    Happy new year!