Positive Thinking

I read in a book somewhere that the power of positive thinking does nothing for you.
I thought that was strange since the power of positive thinking has done EVERYTHING for me.
Let me tell you what I mean..
(Also, can we talk about how this picture is THE BOMB?!)

I woke up this morning at 6:45 AM to get ready for my 8:30 class.
I went to go get in the shower and one of my roommates was already in.
"Grrrr" I thought.
"But it's alright. She usually takes short showers anyway. I'll just wait. No big deal."
Right then and there, she popped right out.
"Cool." I thought.
I got ready and went to my 8:30 class.
I walk into the classroom and NO ONE is there.
Strange, right?
That never happens in college.
I quickly looked around to see if the class was hiding. Nothing.
 Was it my birthday or something?
I had no idea.
Then I started to become irritated.
I woke up super early to get this class on time and no one was even there!
"It's alright. No big deal." I thought. "This way I can get some homework that I didn't get done yesterday."
And now, I sit here writing this blog post in the library thinking about this could have affected my day.
I could hold onto my irritation and annoyance and let every little thing annoy me.
But it won't.
Because I have the power of positive thinking.


  1. Holy cow. I LOVE that picture lol :) You are fabulous!

  2. You rock. Positive thinking is the best! And that picture is amazing! ♥


  3. love this! i need to take a lesson from you & all your positivity. haha (:

    xo bri


  4. I wrote about positivity today too! It really makes a big difference!

  5. LOVE that picture! Where is it from??
    Girl, I love your positive thinking. Love it.