Going to Vegas?

I've never been to Vegas.
Shocking, I know. Mostly, it's because I have no connections outside of Utah, Idaho, and Maryland. 
(I don't know why Maryland, but alas I have one connection there)
However, I am determined that one day I will go to Las Vegas!
Because all the cool cats do it.
Haha! Nah. I kid. But really. I want to go to Vegas.

So to convince myself that I should plan a trip there I decided that I would plan an outfit around going to Vegas.
In my shanazzy outfit, I'll be hitting up the poker games, the strip clubs, and the slots!
Okay. I also kid.
I'll actually be the girl walking down the strip with her eyes closed and screaming at people: "Don't you dare give me that card! I know it has naked people on it!"

(My "I think those dove noises are them plotting to attack me" face.)

Have you ever been to Vegas? What's your favorite thing about it?


  1. Vegas is fun to visit! I lived there for a while, and it wasn't my favorite haha. But we have family there, so I love to take trips down there. My favorite is the warm weather and palm trees. If you want more fun places to see down there shoot me an email because I have tons!

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  3. yeah, i accidentally just commented on the wrong account. my bad. here we go again...

    we LOVE vegas! my parents have a condo down there, so we go fairly often. the first time, i was a little freaked out, but now i love it! although, it always makes me feel like i need to take a 3 hour shower. haha

    ps that last picture is killing me! you can never trust those doves...

  4. I will be there twice next month lol Mr. B always has a work conference there and his sister is getting married there and they couldnt make it the same weekend! gahh. I digress.. Vegas is good times. Lots of fun and cool pretty lights and lots of crazy to watch and giggle at lol :)

  5. I am just going to say it ... Vegas is dirty. I would NEVER go there if our Aggies didn't play there. You see inappropriate things. You smell inappropriate things. You hear inappropriate things. People try to force inappropriate things on you. Dirty,dirty city. :( P.S. My second favorite thing besides watching the Aggies play is stalking the Sister Wives and my third favorite thing was bungee-jumping off the stratosphere. Everything else? Blah.

  6. My main connections are Utah, Idaho, and Maryland too! Weird.

    Anyway, my roommates and I went to Vegas for spring break! Super fun if you see the right things! I would recommend not staying directly on the Strip if/when you go. The card passer outers don't seem as aggressive if you don't have boys/men with you. Oh. And the buffets are divine.

    If you go, let me know and I can give you some recommendations!

  7. I like going to Vegas. There are a lot of inappropriate things there but there are also a lot of really cool things. Like the M&M factory. So cool! I totally have connections there so if you ever want to road-trip it down, let me know :) I'd definitely be up for that :)

  8. Mostly I just want to see Celine Dion sing live.....right??? Also I've been to Vegas many times and you're right, there's some fun stuff and then there's a lot of crap to deal with like porn on the billboards, street signs, stuck to the walls, on the ground, being handed to you, plastered on the sides of trucks driving up and down the strip....so, if you're ready to put your blinders on, it doesn't have to be so bad. I would just avoid going there with any males you want to protect.

  9. I grew up less than 2 hours from Vegas. It's overrated, dirty, and nasty. I could never go there ever again and be completely pleased with life.