Why Do I Suck At Taking Risks?

I've never been one to take risks.
Heights scare the crap out of me. Ropes courses? No thank you. Rollercoasters? Definitely not.
I hate doing anything that has the potential for me to get physically hurt. Wakeboarding? Nope. Skydiving? Not a chance. Climbing a tree? No thanks. Skateboarding? Nah. I'll stay on solid ground.
I avoid awkward situations whenever possible. One time, I unnecessarily walked around a whole building just so I didn't have to run into someone I knew hated my guts and our passing would have been entirely too much for me to handle. 
I suck at taking risks.
And not just in extracurricular activities, but in all areas of my life.
Whenever I think of something crazy or cool to do, I get way hyped up about it for about 10 minutes and then I automatically get scared and think "Nope. I can't do that."
A good example of this is writing for Utah State's student newspaper.
I really want to! I think it would be such a great experience for me! But...I'm just so scared. What if everybody hates it? What if I'm a crappy writer? What if I can't do it?
Flirting is a good example too. What if the boy doesn't think I'm attractive? Then I'd be creepy! What if he talks about me to all his friends as "the crazy psycho flirting girl"? Like whoa! I promise I'm not as psycho as you think!
What is it that holds me back? What is it the keeps me from taking risks I KNOW are good for me? 
Does anyone else have this problem? How have you overcome it?! I need some advice, peeps!


  1. I am just like this, too!
    I also do not like escalators or elevators. (I think moving stairs are just kind of stupid, and I'm a bit claustrophobic)
    You have my sympathies. :)

    Sarah xx

  2. I shaved my head in male-patterned baldness. I wouldn't recommend that though. Even Lady GaGa couldn't rock that look.

  3. Okay, so I used to be totally like this, and sometimes I still can be, but the one time I decided to take a risk and do something I normally wouldn't, I ended up marrying my husband. So my advice, start doing small things. You don't NEED to ride a roller coaster or do a ropes course, who cares about those things?! I definitely don't, I wouldn't be caught dead on either of those. What I am saying is try the article, and flirt with that cute boy! (I did, look where I am now). Sometimes the things that are best for you are the hardest to do, but could be the most important, or lead you to what is. Good luck!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Elise!! This is just what I needed to hear!! :)

  4. Stop caring about what others think. :) What do YOU care what their opinion is? Why is their opinion more valid than yours? I was offered a position at the Statesman ... I turned it down. Because they wouldn't play by my rules. Hahaha. And I feel okay about that. P.S. There is a maid outside of my hotel room right now asking someone on a date. That isn't awkward at all. :)

    1. Mindy!! You are SOO right! I definitely need to stop worrying about what people think about me!
      BAHAHAHA!! I give props to that maid! :)