What Dress Suits You Best?!

Hey readers! We have a very special and fun thing on the blog today!
Ashleigh from House of Fraser created a quiz to help you find what dress would look best on you!
Try it out! It's just for fun and it's stellar to see what kinds of dresses you would look good in!

My name is Ashleigh and I would like to thank Elisabeth for letting me guest post on her blog. Today I’m looking at dresses – an essential wardrobe staple in my opinion. With so many different styles around it can be hard to just pick one and if you don’t usually wear dresses it’s even harder! I for one know there are styles that I’ve never even considered and there could be so much that I’m missing out on. I decided to create this quiz so that all of you lovely readers at Imma Walking Fashion Crime can gain some inspiration and have a little fun! The quiz tries to match your personality to a style of dress and offer you some hints and tips and how to rock it. All of the dresses in the quiz are from House of Fraser so feel free to take a look at all of the beauties in your category!


  1. Love this. I was totally that girl on myspace who took all the which disney princess are you quizzes haha. It feels good to be back and taking quizzes :)

  2. Haha quizzes are fun. It suggested a wear a tight mini-dress in neon yellow so....with a few modifications it could be something I would rock. haha

  3. Apparently I should be wearing skater dresses all the time, bless my heart!

    1. I have got to stop using the wrong account.