Today, I Am Grateful

I'm grateful for friendly people who say "hi" to me even though I'm not feeling particularly nice.

I'm grateful for Snapchat that lets me flirt with cute boys and keep in contact with old friends.

I'm grateful for my wonderful job where I get to write.

I'm grateful for my social media class where I learn cool tricks and talk about data. (If you type B&w...into Snapchat it will make your picture black & white. And if you type sepia...into Snapchat, it will make the picture sepia. You're welcome.)

I'm grateful for STELLAR parents who know just how to help me get through challenging and difficult trials.

I'm grateful for friends who are so close to the spirit that they come and visit me when I'm having a hard time.

I'm grateful for the priesthood that is accessible to me at any time and that I have guy friends who are willing and able to exercise that power at any time.

But most of all, I'm grateful for my Savior. He knows me perfectly and He will never let me fall. 

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  1. holy snap chat secrets!! So cool! haha I think I really need to get into a social media the next semester of school that I attend!