20 Randoms

1. I still sleep with my balloon blankie (my baby blanket). It's SOOOO old and doesn't even have balloons on it anymore.

2. I have to shower every day because my hair is so greasy. (Do I actually shower every day? That's questionable...)

3. I was 5'10" in 7th grade.
This is my little sister, Julianne. She's 14 and the same height as me. That's what I was like in 7th grade. We're basically like the same person except Julianne is a thousand times more talented than me and totally amazing. 

4. There are four girls and one boy in my family and my aunt has five boys and one girl. We flipped. (Luckily, that one girl is the same age as me, so we're basically best friends.)

5. Both of my parents are the oldest in their family, so I have had the amazing opportunity to grow up with both sets of my grandparents. They're still alive and kicking! I count myself lucky for how close I am to them. 

6. I worked at a girl scout camp the summer after I graduated high school. It was in Park City and with all the hiking and backpacking we did, I didn't have pee in the woods once! I call that a success because I HATE peeing in the woods. 

7. When I started college two years ago, I was an Elementary Education major instead of a Public Relations major. Big jump, eh?

8. Not only is my hair greasy, it's insanely straight. It's a blessing and a curse.

9. I learned how to type so well that I don't have to be looking at the keys to type something. One time my boss was talking to me and I kept typing while I was looking at her. Needless to say, she was freaked out slash impressed.

10. In relation to #9, I'm also REALLY bad at multi-tasking. Like REALLY bad. I can't even text and walk at the same time.

11. I can't sleep with socks on.

12. When I was a junior in high school, I really wanted to wear a dress to school. I was so afraid though because I thought people would judge me, but I wore it anyway and people loved it. Now, I wear dresses all the time. So much so that people don't even ask me if I'm dressed up for anything anymore. #trendsetter

13. I twist my hair pretty bad. I don't do it because I'm feeling any specific emotion, it's just a habit. I've gotten hit on because of it, which is weird. My grandma always slaps my hand when she sees me doing it.

14. My jaw pops all the time. It doesn't ever hurt, it just pops whenever I move my mouth. However, people can hear it so it kind of freaks them out.

15. I love snow and the cold and sweatshirts and scarves and cuddling...Yup. Totally my favorite.

16. One of my first jobs at age 14 was working as a potato sorter in Idaho and I got my first job in college at an art museum because of it. My boss told me..."I figured if you could sort potatoes, you could sort people." Ummm...yeah. Totally the same thing...

17. My dad is a college professor, my mom is a kindergarten teacher, my grandpa was a principal for 30 years, two of my uncles are teachers slash principals and two of my aunts are school counselors. Needless to say, education is really important in my family.

18. If there is one thing that can make me feel better, it's eating Chick-Fil-A. Seriously, it's my very favorite food ever.

19. I have multiple people that I am friends with on Facebook and Twitter who I have never met in real life.

20. I've had glasses since I was in 1st grade. My vision is really bad.


  1. I love it! I was thinking about doing this the other day as I ate a whole box of raisin bran in one sitting and I was like "Wow. It's pretty weird I love this cereal so much." haha

  2. I love this!! Hahaha, and idk know if you changed your background but it isn't showing very well :/ ANYWAY, I love this idea!!! :) And thanks for sharing so much about you! hopefully we can meet in real life one day!

  3. Ok....I feel like I wrote like 90% of these myself!! Lets be friends shall we? ;)

  4. Ok....I feel like I wrote like 90% of these myself!! Lets be friends shall we? ;)

  5. I am the same way with typing!!! Keyboard sisters! (Just go with it.)

  6. I totally understand the education background. My mom, aunt, grandma, and grandpa all were educators. I swore I would never follow in their footsteps. English major-technical writing-turned-high school English teacher. Go figure.