What I've Learned About Myself Recently

I've learned that I'm not super open-minded. I like structure and if my plans get ruined or don't go the way I want them to, I get really annoyed.

I've learned that I get attached to people and things very quickly, which can be both good or bad.

I've learned that I really, really like to read. (You bet I'm reading The Fault In Our Stars as soon as this semester is over).

I've learned that friendship is everything. I would never be anywhere without my sweet roommate and my best friend.

I've learned that I LOVE button up shirts. Like...comfiest article of clothing ever.

I've learned that I need to be more confident in myself and my abilities. I need to understand more about my role as a daughter of God.

I've learned that I'm often motivated by what other people think about me. Which is why I love social media and blogging because it allows people to let me know if they like me or not.

I've learned that my favorite chores are taking out the garbage and sweeping, but I absolutely loathe mopping and doing dishes.

I've learned that I'm really nice and I have a desire to be nice. Now, that sounds conceited, but SOME PEOPLE ARE SO RUDE. My two roommates work in the food industry and they tell me all these stories of what people do slash say to them and I'm like "I would never do that."

I've learned that I need a technology hiatus. I love Twitter and Snapchat way too much.

I've learned that I need to have a stronger testimony. A lot of random stuff has popped up in my life that has really tested my faith.

I've also learned that I love my parents so much! They are STELLAR! I mean, I already knew that but it keeps being validated.

What have you learned about yourself recently?

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