How I Create An Outfit

I often get asked how I know which colors go together to make an outfit. 
Let's get real, I don't. 
Although I do have a process
(Ugh. I'm sounding like a marketing student...)

So here's my little secret: 
I start by picking a key piece in my outfit. I usually pick a dress, but anything with a multi-colored pattern works.
Next, I look at the colors in the pattern. 
In this dress specifically, there are about 7 different colors. It doesn't matter how much they stand out or not, if any color is there it counts! 
Then I pick about four different accessories to pair with it. For this outfit, I chose a purple blazer, navy tights, a gold necklace, and gray shoes. 

I think the most important thing at this point in my process is how I want to feel: Do I want to be comfortable? Do I want to wear leggings? Do I want to wear tights? Do I need to be professional?

It's all about the kind of style you want to achieve. This is where you make it personal and combine colors and styles you like. There are tons of outfits that I love, but I know don't look good on me. That's alright!
I don't need to be doing what everybody else is doing to look like I know what I'm doing.

Happy Outfiting!
And if you need help, I got chooo.

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