not your typical fashion post

I wanted to write this really deep post about love, but guess what? I'm STRUGGLINGGGGG. Mostly because I want it to be just right, SO for now, you get a post about my killer outfit on Monday and some thoughts I've had over the past couple of weeks. 

-My jean jacket is my pride and joy and I wear it wherever possible.

-I totally took this in my bathroom. #NoShame

-I've been thinking about taking up video since social media is basically ALL video now. 

-Car shopping is 100 percent the worst. 

-Long-distance relationships are hard and I miss Wes like crazy.

-I have INCREDIBLE friends. Ahhhh! My heart swells when I think about them because they're so wonderful. 

-The Great British Baking Show. Let's talk about it. The voices are so soothing and everyone on the show is just so nice. Wes just rolls his eyes at me when I talk about it because I'm legitmately OBSESSED. #NewFavoriteShow

-Pretty sure my mom is the actual Wonder Woman. Sorry, Gal Gadot. [Although she was amazing and you should definitely go see the movie.]

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