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I really love chick flicks. They are SOO much better than action movies. Action movies are super unrealistic (chick flicks are to, but that's beside the point). Things in life usually don't blow up and you would never be involved in a high speed car chase, but you CAN fall in love!! That's why I love chick flicks. :)
So here's a list of some of my favorite chick flicks and if you haven't seen them, you need to. Period. :)

P.S. I Love You
-SOOOOO extremely sad, but this movie is sensational. I can't help but tear up.
Pearl Harbor
-The ONLY movie I actually sobbed uncontrollably in. I was making sounds and everything. SUCH an inspirational movie! :)

The Painted Veil
-Be warned: This is an extremely sad movie, however, I can't help but love it. There's something about the way the two main characters don't love and do love each other. Brilliant.

The Young Victoria
-The Young Victoria is all about girl power!! :) Not only is the romance to die for, it also shows how powerful woman can truly be. I just love it. :)
A Walk To Remember
-I cry everytime. Especially when Landon starts crying. It just makes love seem so tangible and real. :)
My Fake Fiance
-If I could sum up this movie in one word that word would be: hilarious! It's so stinkin' funny!! It's about this guy who is a compulsive gambler and this girl who had everything she owned stolen from her. They team up and decide to have a "fake" wedding to get the money and gifts they need. It's a brilliant plan...until they fall in love for reals. :)

-Need I say more :)

The Holiday
-Be warned. This movie is super adorable, but there are a couple bad parts, which I skip. The reason I really like this movie though is because when Amanda is at Iris's house and she meets Graham (at this point they're kissing), she isn't so sure whether she should like that fact that he's kissing her so she says, "Umm...ya know, I'm kind of bad at this but I was wondering you could try that again." Ha! When I get kissed for the first time and I like it, I'm TOTALLY going to say something like that. Not that exact thing because how would I know if I'm bad? ha!

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