What Makes a Place a Home?

This weekend I decided to come home. I figured that my parents probably missed me and my little sister, Julianne, was raving about this junior high dance that was coming up. She wanted me to do her hair and such.
So, I get home and my siblings almost knock me over. My older sister, Rachael, gives me a huge hug and my ten year old sister, Bridget, yells at the top of her lungs..."ELISABETH!!" as I walked in the door. It was quite touching, really. :) I had no idea that my siblings would ever miss me this much.
The disappointment came from my parents. My dad said hello and my mom gave me an unemotional hug. It was quite unsatisfying. Especially since my parents have been the "rock of my salvation". I depend on them for a lot and I thought they would be estatic to see me. NOT!
However, it made me think a lot about the kinds of things that make a place a home. Just because my parents and my siblings are in one place doesn't necessarily make it home. As my parents didn't give me that emotion that I expected, I almost leapt back into my car and drove back to Logan.

I feel like my home is in Logan.

Why is that?
How can the place I've grown up all my life feel so forgein to me, while the place I've only lived in for two months feel like my hometown?
Despite all this, I firmly believe that what really makes a home is the place where you feel the most comfortable. A place where people see you as you are because you act who you are. You don't put on a facade to impress others around you because they're already impressed by the person under the mask.
So it doesn't matter whether your in Hong Kong, China or Sugar City, Idaho, home is and can be anything. :)

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