Whenever I See An Old Person

When I was walking home from school today, I saw an elderly man and woman. They were walking on opposite sides of the street, but were in pace with each other. They both had on fishing hats, tennis shoes, and a collared, button-up shirt. Adorable right? I just love old people. J
Whenever I see an old person, I always think of how wise they must be. The wrinkles on their face tell all of their experience and perspective. Most often, old people are calm and happy, while us college students have a hard time with that. Well…at least I do. J I love that an old person can keep their positivity.
Whenever I see an old person, I think of my sensational grandma. J My Grandma Coles (my mom’s mom) is such a funny person. She knows how to make people laugh and she loves laughing AT herself. She takes such loving care of my grandpa and she treats her grandchildren like they were angels. I know I can always talk to my grandma about anything in the world and she would be objective, honest, and kind with her feedback. I just love my grandma with all my heart. <3
Whenever I see an old person, I think about their intelligence. Not only do old people have wisdom and perspective, they are also just so smart. About anything. Carpentry, physics, life, literature, camping, snowmobiling, math, and cars. They know everything! I just love that. J

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