3 Kinds of Love

Face it.

We're all obsessed with love....Okay....I'M obsessed with love. :)
Did you know that love is more important than food? People don't commit suicide because of lack of food. It's because they feel like nobody loves them. Everybody wants to feel loved.

Recently, I read a small book about love. It's called 3 Kinds of Love.

In this book, the author mentioned that there are 3 kinds of love that everyone and anyone can produce. Those three kinds of love are: "If" love, "Because" love, and "In Spite Of" love.

"If" Love is the most basic kind of love. Examples: IF you are skinny, then I will love you. IF you are funny, then I will love you. This isn't the kind of love that's desirable, but people fall for it because they're desperate for any kind of love.

"Because" Love is the love that people give other people BECAUSE of something they are. Examples: I love you BECAUSE you are popular. I love you BECAUSE you are attractive. This kind of love is better than "If" love. It's great to have somebody love us BECAUSE of what we are, but that can turn to jealously. If somebody else has a better quality or does something better than us, then that love can diminish.

"In Spite Of" love is the best love of all. This kind of love is the most desirable, but not easily given. People love you IN SPITE OF a certain weakness you have. They love you IN SPITE OF something you do that annoys them. This kind of love is the truest and purest of all because somebody loves every part of you.

I want to love somebody in that "In Spite Of" love kind of way. Don't you? :)


  1. I love your blog,
    yupppp following you (:

    teach me your amazing blogging ways?

  2. Umm so I love you in spite of the fact that I am not in your friend wall or your family wall! Liz I thought I was your sister girl! And if not that at least your friend! Haha jk hahaha I am so funny! Love you