No Blog Title Does This Story Justice :)

Well hello my fine feathered friends!!
How are you doing? 
I hope fabulous, because I definitely feel fabulous today!
Today has totally been one of those unexpected amazing days.
First, I went to Institute and I started talking to this girl in my class. We'd kind of met before but we weren't really the BEST of friends, if you know what I mean. I really like her a lot, however, she's super friendly and fantastically adorable. Anyway, she kind of "unloaded" to me in a way. Not really because it wasn't any huge burden, but she kind of started telling me about her love life. :) Which I love hearing about! :) Ha! AND AND AND she's going on a MISSION!! She sends her papers out in December. :) So, that totally made my day! I just felt like I was there when she just needed to tell somebody about how she was feeling. I felt like I was doing service. Which always happens to me in the most unexpected of ways. 
Second, there's this kid in my math class, whom I think is awesome. :) He kind of sits behind me, so I don't usually interact with him. However, on Monday, I saw him at the D.I. and I said "hi" to him. Then, today I told him: "Hey! I saw you at D.I. on Monday!" and then we started talking. It was the greatest conversation I'd ever had with a person in my life. He told me that he'd done drugs since he was 14, however, he's been sober for 18 months and is going back to church. We talked about judgement, life, and family.
Again, I felt like I was there for somebody when they needed it most. Even though I've never talked to either of these people in my life, Heavenly Father knew I needed it. 

Overall, it was a SENSATIONAL day. :) Don'tcha just love days like that? I do. :)

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