My Girls

As most blog posts are about on Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks as well.
I'm thankful for SOO much:
My family
Utah State
Good ole Sugar City, Idaho
Heavenly Father
Jesus Christ
Free laundry
And the list goes on....:) But there are five girls that I sincerely want to thank...
Shelby Roberts

Shelby: Thanks for always being there. I know your life has been rough and not everything's turned out the way you thought it would, but I admire you so much for your strength and attitude. You are always such a positive, lovely person and your friendship has meant the world to me! I know that we will ALWAYS be friends. You've listened to me, laughed with me, been incredibly stupid with me, and above all else, you've loved me. Thank you!

Marina Zundel

Marina: YOU. ARE. AMAZING!!! You can always make me laugh. You say the darndest things and know exactly what to say to get me to laugh. I love you. I haven't always appreciated the things that you've done for me and I want to try and make up for it by saying how much you've taught me. You've taught me to love others despite their differences because that's how you love. You don't care about what others think and you just love them. That's such a powerful gift and I will always love you for it.

Sarah Luthy

Sarah: I miss you. How much fun we had writing cheesy love stories, playing fortune, and doing everything we possibly could with each other. You might not think so, but I love you with all my heart and soul. I don't think there's anybody in this world I could love more. You always laugh at my stupid jokes and you don't judge or criticize. My life has been heavily influenced by your sweet spirit. You've taught me that friendship is  the fruit of life. You've taught me how valuable friendship is and how losing it can break a heart. I LOVE YOU!! Thank you for all you've done for me.

Lindsay Palmer

Lindsay: Oh Lindsay, Lindsay. :) Ha! I just love you. You understand exactly how my clock ticks. Your wisdom has always been an asset to my life. You are extremely smart and know how life works. I know I can always trust you with anything: Boys, family struggles, friends, boys, my insecurities, my strengths, oh, and boys. :) We are so relateable and I know that I can come to you with any problem and you won't hesitate to help me in any way you can. That's love to the fullest. Thank you and I LOVE YOU!!!!

Carlee Spratling

Carlee: Carlee Barlee, I can't describe to you how much I value you. Sleeping out on the tramp, working at camp together, dancing in your kitchen while making food. Those things I will cherish forever. The memories we have had together will never cease to be an amazement to me. I will look back on the things that we've done together with joy because of their stupidity and loveliness. You have such a special ability to be able to make others happy. I love having you around because you bring me happiness. I LOVE YOU!!!! And I will always love you because you have been a trustworthy, honest, and kind friend.

All of you have influenced my life for good. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! I have no words to describe how much I care about you girls.
Its been real, its been fun, and its been the best real fun I've ever had! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just remember: You will always be MY GIRLS :)

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