It's A Privilege


noun, verb
a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about people. Not anybody in particular. Just people. I've been thinking about how so many people have changed my life for the better. I compare and contrast the kinds of people I know from Sugar City and the kinds of people I know from Logan. Both groups are phenomenal. I consider it SUCH a privilege to know them.

Have you ever thought of knowing somebody as a privilege?
I definitely hadn't until just today.

I was at a missionary farewell and I was thinking about what an amazing testimony this young man had. Even though I don't know him very well (I've only ever spoken to him maybe a total of seven times), I was thinking about how I could say I know him and what an amazing blessing it is to know somebody who has such a strong testimony of the gospel.
I went with my friend, Carlee, and I was thinking about her as well. How she's profoundly affected the kind of person I am. She means more to me than she will ever realize. What a privilege it is to know her. I'm sure there's so many people out there who would kill to know a person like her.
I was also thinking about relationships. Even though I'm not in a relationship with anybody at the present moment and there's certain people that I would DIE to have a relationship with, I have to think to myself: the privilege to know them is so much more important.

Okay...so maybe I was thinking about certain people, but hey, how could I not?? :) :)

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