I Feel Defeated...or Do I??

Thanksgiving break rocked my world!!
I desperately needed it.
It was great seeing my family and friends. I was craving a late night talk with my besties. :)
coming back to Logan was hard.
Here's a couple of my worries:
--I REALLY want the job at Noodles & Company. Or just any job.
--If I don't pass my final in math, I'll fail the class and have to take it over again.
--I'm Homesick. With a capital H.
--College is a lot harder than I anticipated.
--I'm trying to stay optimistic, but it's SOO HARD!! Especially when the people around me are somewhat pessimistic.
--I try so hard to be an ethical person, but if everyone's idea of being ethical is different. Then how am I supposed to know what's ethical??
--Maybe I should just stop worrying about what everyone thinks of me. Ha! That would probably solve ALL my problems. :)
don't get too discouraged about my worrisome life, (like you were that discouraged anyway) because I found this awesome quote:
You bet I'm not going to be defeated! The Lord is watching over me. In Institute today, we learned about facing adversity and it was exactly what I needed to hear. 
I'm going to work hard and buck up because sometimes life throws you a curveball and you just have to learn from the worst to become the best. 


  1. Daaaaawww Swirls! This makes me sad! What math class are you taking? I feel like I have taken all of them in the book haha, maybe I can help you! Also do NOT get discouraged! There IS a job out there for you! I have yet to find one also, and its killing me! And I had to re take my math class from last semester, its hard, but it happens more often than you think! So chin up and study hard lady! I love you! Also, you need to take some time to just chill and hang out, all study and NO play is not good! Hope to see you before break! LOVES!
    -Crash * :)