♫I'm a Random Girl in a Random World...♫

Don't you ever have those days of randomness?? I do. Today happened to be one of those days where everything random was extremely obvious to me. :)
--Seeing over 10 people I know on campus. I never see people I know on campus. ha!
*My cousin's tire blowing up
--Pumpkin pie ice cream.
*Putting together an outfit (Always super random for me)
--Getting texts
*The internet not working: random and for no reason
--Things breaking
*Drops of water that fall on your head
--Quote walls 
--Splatter paint
--The hooks in my apartment ceiling
*Getting dates
--Tripping and falling on your face
*Tripping on yourself
*Egg cartons (Who decided to make them cardboard?)
--Muscle twitches (Have you ever had your bum twitch? Soo weird...)
*Name Brands (Who would name soap after a bird?)
There's my random rant of the day. What's your random rant?? :) :)

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