Polka-Dots and Tutu's

Everything's just polka-dots and tutu's around here.

My comforter has polka-dots
My backpack has polka-dots.
<---------I kinda wish I had a tutu.
But if I did, I might wear it in public...socially acceptable much? :) Probably not. :)
everything kind of is polka-dots and tutu's. Literally this time. :)

Life's been stressful. Recently, I've been extremely negative. Negative about my schoolwork and how hard it is. Negative about the people I'm surrounded by. Negative about boys. Negative about myself. Negative about the gospel. Everything really.  BUT then I called my grandma. She's a saint. I was bawling my eyes out because of all this negativity and my grandma told me to stop crying first of all. (Which was kind of hard to do at this point) and then she started telling me all the wonderful things about myself. She told me I was a good girl. She told me I was beautiful and she told me she believed in me and to just hang in there.

What a glorious perspective she gave me.

We were talking about living with people and how hard it is. She said (quote) "Being married isn't any different than what you're going through right now. Your grandpa leaves his dirty clothes everywhere and it bugs me, but I just pick it up and move on."

After this heartbreaking/glorious/beneficial conversation I had with my grandma, I realized that positivity is the key to...well...everything. Then I started thinking about all the blessings I have. I started thinking about the positive things. Now, I'm positive. Positive about the fact that I'm living with my completely wonderful cousin. Positive about myself. Positive about creating friendships rather than romantic relationships. Positive that Utah State is the school for me. Positive about changing because I know I need to, not because somebody tells me to. Positive that the gospel is true and that Heavenly Father loves me.

Positive that tutu's and polka-dots can lift your spirits no matter how negative you are.

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  1. I think I love your grandma!!! hahahahah but really. Living with someone is hard, husbands not excluded. I could write a laundry list of a thousand things he does to drive me nuts. But when I start to get irritated, I try to remember something about him that I love. Maybe this could wrok for you? Either way good luck!!!