poetry time. nap time. blankie time.

I was feeling SOO wasted this morning. Staying up till 4 a.m. to register for classes is NEVER a good idea. So, I did the only sensible thing a college student could do:
I took a nap.
It was heavenly with a cherry on top.
Not only did I take a nap, but I napped with my balloon blankie.
Yes, even as an 18-year old college student I still have a baby blanket.

Then after my happy cuddling time with Mr. Blankie, I read some poetry for my Lit. class. FYI: I HATE poetry. So, I wasn't all that stoked when my professor announced that we were going to start our poetry section. BUT I'm going to admit that I was WRONG and say I now am extremely fond of it. :)

THIS happens to be my favorite poem at the moment. (My favoritism of things change frequently). That's not the whole thing, it's like a whole page long. :) The poem explains that the all the necessities of life are based on air/oxygen. (Hence the title).
Overall, my poetry/nap/blankie time has been extremely satisfying.

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