Cupcakes & Old Times Sake

I just like doing stuff for old times sake.

Hence, the Cocoa Bean Cupcake Cafe!!
It's this adorable cupcake shop in Rexburg.
I like to self-indulge here. (Ssshh! Don't tell!)
this place has a special nitch in my heart.
I was just texting one of my good buddies, Kim.
it reminded me of the Cocoa Bean.
In high school, this was where we would hang.
We would get the Love Potion frappe (which doesn't have any special powers, but I secretly got it just because I wanted that special someone to fall in love with me.)
the "Better-than-Whatever" cupcake.
*insert eyebrow raise*
One time,
my friend, Sarah, even answered a guy to a dance with one of their cupcakes.
It was adorable to say the least. 
I'm totally buying my BFF Sadie one of those cupcakes RIGHT NOW!! She's moving next week & it's kind of breaking her heart.
I'm grabbing my car keys as I'm typing. yeah. I kinda rock like that.

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