The Epitome of Christmas

My little sister reeks of Christmas spirit.
This is her:

Adorable, right??
Her name is Bridget and she is nine years old.
She's the epitome of Christmas.
Because she's the youngest, my family has been very careful to not let her know that Santa isn't real.
Even though she should probably know by now.
I knew when I was six!
It was completely devastating, by the way.
she still believes and that just makes Christmas ten times more enjoyable.
On Christmas Eve,
she was coming down the stairs and she said,
"Elisabeth, can you ask mom and dad to come here for a second?"
Me: "Why? Santa hasn't come yet. You can go into the living room."
"Oh, right." *she laughs* "I forgot."
She then proceeds to say..
"It's not like he's invisible or something."
I know, right??
She's just so hilarious.
Bridget makes everything soo much better.
When she's not crying or fighting with her siblings, she's one amazing chica.
Couldn't ask for a better sister.
Merry Christmas everybody!!! Hope you reek of Christmas spirit!! :) :)

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