Shopping with my Mother

Going shopping with my mom is always an adventure. We did all our Christmas shopping and got some groceries while we were at it. ;)
Shopping is a rather complicated process, I had to break it up into steps:

Step 1: We get up around 8ish and leave for Idaho Falls around 9.

Step 2: Once we get there, we go to Target.

Step 3: Then, it's on to the mall. Upon which, Bath & Body Works is always a must.

Step 4: For lunch, we make a pit stop at our fav restaurant SIZZLER!! :)

Step 5: Next, we begin our trek down to Sam's Club. I love Sam's Club. Probably my favorite store ever. Free samples is where it's at.

Step 6: Then WinCo. Ugh. 'Nough said.

Step 7: And last but not least, Sarah's Candy Cottage. It's this super adorable candy shop and it has these scrumptious little cheesecake balls, toffee, truffles, fudge, homemade licorice, YUM to the O!!! :)

if you ever going shopping with my mom, there's a few...."disclaimers" I must share with you:

-She always buys extra. The first six items she grabbed at WinCo weren't even on her list! :) And at Albertson's, she bought not one, not two, but FIVE cases of pop. JUST because they were on sale. ha!
-It takes her longer than she expects to shop. She says "Oh, I'll be home by five." At six o'clock, we're still at Winco.
-Manipulation to the max! If I'm REALLY nice, I can usually get her to buy me things I need, that I should probably buy. (This isn't a disclaimer, just an added bonus)
-And last but not least, she ALWAYS buys candy. :) :)

I think the best thing about shopping with my mom is the fact that we can read each other's minds.
Seriously...we really can.
At Sarah's Candy Cottage, this lady was talking to a cashier.
The cashier knew her pretty well because she asked
"So, Lisa, where are you headed for Christmas this year?"
The lady then proceeded to say...
*prepare to be shocked*
"Oh. We're going to Mexico again."
Me and my mom gave each other this look of I-wish-I-could-go-to-Mexico-once-let-alone-multiple-times.
And then bust up laughing.
It was priceless.
Shopping with my mom is seriously an adventure. :)

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  1. What's up with moms buying a lot of extra items? My mom does that too. I bet you guys had a great time. Oh, I'll definitely hit the mall with my mom this weekend!