Anne of Green Gables: My Favorite

Anne of Green Gables is just a beauty.
What better story is there than about a red-headed orphan girl who ends up finding love in the end?
I mean.
Nothing can compare.
Look how Gilbert is looking at Anne!! Oh man. What a hunk. Even as a curly-haired, dorky 15-year old, Gilbert's got it going on.
he knows what he wants. :) Which is always kind of attractive.
Gentle touching of the face to show how much you care? Yes, please! :)
They're BEST FRIENDS!! That's what's so cute about Gilbert and Anne.
I love this part because Anne gets so mad at him!! Just like any girl would in her situation. But, Gilbert isn't afraid to tell Anne the truth. That's real love. He loves her so much that he wants her to succeed. He knows what will help her to succeed and he has to tell her, even if she doesn't agree.
SOOO cute!
Yup. She FINALLY loves him back. Took her long enough, yeah?
Kissing on a bridge. How romantic is THAT?? :)
Gilbert = stud.


  1. Those were my favorite books when I was like 10! I was actually thinking about reading them again the other day.

  2. Love these movies :) so good!

  3. Think I've got you topped on being a fan. I've reenacted my own Anne of Green Gables....have it on video. Have also visited PEI. It was everything I hoped and dreamed. I love Lucy Maud.

    1. Hahaha! That's SOOO awesome, Suzette! I've gotta see that video :)