Video Games??

Video Games. Good? Bad? Whyweretheyeverinvented? Theyarethebestthingseverinvented?
Whatever your personal opinion is...
Sometimes I get this preconceived notion that if a boy plays video games, they aren't worth dating/marrying.
Is this true?

I mean...
I don't particularly want to date a guy that's addicted to them...
are video games any different than watching movies?
are video games any different than blogging??
I need some thoughts here.
Is my preconceived notion valid or has it overdosed a little??


  1. i think these questions are absolutely valid! i've felt the same way too. i think if they play video games once in a while or something that's just fine, but your relationship should always come first. does that make any sense? :)

  2. my husband still plays some - but not when I am home- If I am out for the night thats what he does for fun- as long as your relationship is first- and other major life priorities aren't being put on the back burner- I dont think its worth making a big deal out of- but yes- I agree blogging as a past time is a lot like video games for guys- its how they feel 'connected' ha.

  3. I totally agree with Ashley! I think spending time together first is important but if I'm out I really wouldn't care.

  4. never thought about it that way. I think you might be super right! hmm guess I need to re-evaluate a bit!!!!! :)

  5. I think they are fine. My little brother plays them all day and he is such a stud with girls. He always walks me to my car and holds doors for me. I never have to het my own glass of water with him. He is only 17 and has had only two dates and he was so sweet with those girls my heart melted. So no. I think video games are fine, it just depends on the boy I guess.