My Wish

When 11:11 strikes the clock,
I always make a wish and seal it with a kiss!!

It's kinda one of my favorite things to do. :)
that's why I was super psyched when I heard about Wish {out loud}.
It's hosted by Cup 'a Hot Chocolate.
What you do is you post about a wish you have and people give you feedback.
I was really and seriously contemplating this
I think my wish would be to have fun.

I was talking to my dad recently and he told me that college is the only time in your life when you can do what you want. He told me have fun and don't worry so much. :)
anybody have any advice about spontaneity??
Because spontaneity is kind of a part of having fun. :) :)

Wish out loud


  1. Oh yeah. I do spontaneous things all the time. Most of them involve fleeing the country for an extended period of time. But before we know it I'll married and boring and unable to do such things.

  2. Your blog is so fun and cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog! You are too sweet!

  3. walk around a old-time downtown somewhere and just stop where-ever you feel drawn too. And bring a camera and a friend....who knows what perfect photo ops you will encounter!
    AND ps....yes lets button swap!!!!!!