The Priesthood

Are you a worthy priesthood holder?
Then who cares if you're good lookin'. 
You've got the whole world in your hands. 

Today, I was thinking about what to blog about and an instantaneous thought popped into my head:
As many of you know, I only have one brother. Our home is filled with WAY too much estrogen. So, the only men in my life are my daddy and my little brother.
My dad is an amazing example of a worthy priesthood holder. He would never do anything that would harm himself or his family. He knows that Heavenly Father trusts him with the most magnificent power on earth. What a blessing it is to have a father who realizes his self-worth and is willing to be an amazing example to me.

About a year ago, I was feeling very discouraged. I was having a lot self-esteem issues. (As every girl does) and I just remembered getting this feeling that I needed to ask my dad for a priesthood blessing. However, I was scared. I was scared that my dad would judge me. Which is an extremely ridiculous and illogical thought because my dad would always love me no matter what. It was terrible and I hated feeling like I couldn't turn to my earthly father. Ever since then, every time I've felt like I needed a priesthood blessing, I ask. No matter what. I have a deep testimony of the power of the priesthood.
I love the priesthood and the worthy priesthood holders that I get to associate with every day. Every week at church, I see the young men sitting in the benches waiting for the sacrament to start and I can't help but find those young men so attractive because they know their worth and their duty as future breadwinners and patriarchs. Thanks guys. You rock. :)

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