I'm creating a playlist in English today.

You heard right.
I'm creating a playlist for my English class.
Pretty soaked about it.
Why you ask?
Because music brings out the rebel in me.
I don't swear or say explicit things or anything of the sort, however, I'm a hard rock kind of girl.
I turn the music up loud.
I listen to David Guetta, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna.
Once, I was listening to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj on my phone and this girl looked at me and said "You don't seem like the kind of person who listens to Nicki Minaj."
I laughed and replied all cleverly:
"I guess I'm just full of surprises."
I really am.
I guess I just look like the type of girl who rocks out to church music.
That's why I'm soaked about this assignment.
I get to show people that I'm not the Molly Mormon that everybody precludes me to be.
:) :)

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