You Seriously ROCK!!

I forget.
A lot.
I forget that I have an appointment with my math professor,
I forget that you DON'T add water to Chunky soup
about a month ago, I almost forgot about a date. 

(Add ritarded photo for affect)
However, in Institute today, my teacher pointed out something that EVERYBODY forgets.
We forget our worth, we forget our passions and dreams
AND (even worse)
We forget that we believe in lies.
Women especially believe in lies.
We believe that we're not pretty enough
we're not good enough to deserve something/someone.
We believe that because we're not doing the same thing as Sally Jo, that we're doing it wrong.
Which is totally absurd.
Did you know that, that little voice inside your head that says you can't ask that cute boy to marry you is a lie?? Stick that in your crock pot and cook it!
But really people, Don't settle for less. Always know your worth. Be a daughter of God. :)
Because you seriously rock!!!


  1. Um. I love you. And I love this. And I needed the reminder.

    Also, I'm blissfully happy over the stick that in your crock pot and cook it moment. :)

  2. Elisabeth you're so great! What institute class? Sounds like a good one!