How To Impress A Girl

Me and my bestest friend, Cortney were talking late one night about---(what else?)---BOYS.
We were talking about their inability to be competent, chances lost because of OUR own stupidity, and just in general---how some men seem to melt our hearts without even trying.

SOOOO...we came up with a list.
A list of things girls LOVE
girls LOVE lists!!!
Take notes. This is basically your in! :)

--Girls love walks.
--Girls love to talk. Shy girls might need a little prodding, but even they like to talk. :)
--No need for expensive dates. Making cookies rocks.
--Save expensive dates for serious dating. Seriously: frisbee in the park & ice cream afterwards is just fine as a first date. :)
--Don't take us to a movie unless you don't want to talk to us. Conversation is everything.
--NO hanging out!!
--If you want to get to know me, go on a DATE with me.
--It's the quality time that counts.
--Walks, swinging, hikes, D.I. finds, rollerblading, ice-skating. Those things are fun. :)
--Corn mazes = BAD first date idea.
--Day activities are fun.
--However, dates don't have to last ALL day.
--Staying out ALL night = bad idea. Girls may be invincible, but invincibility is exhausting. We like sleep. :)
--Flirting is only acceptable if you really really like a certain girl. Otherwise, don't do it.
--Read Elise's How to NOT Be A Pansy. :)


  1. haha amen! the part about corn mazes made me laugh because...i've been there. haha

  2. Amen to...well all of it...but ESPECIALLY the part about all day dates. I don't want to run a marathon..why would I want a marathon date???? hahaha