My Roommate's "Not-Date"

My adorable roommate, Karlee, had a "not-date" yesterday.
You heard me right.
A "not-date".
The kind of date that involves casual, friendly communication without any romantic undertones.
Here's the scoop:
Let's call this boy...Mr. Awkward.
Mr. Awkward has been Karlee's creeper since the beginning of this semester.
He always seems to find a seat by her in Institute.
He always talks her and waits for her to pack her bags, so he can walk with her out of the Institute building.
What's really awkward about this situation, is that...
Karlee has a boyfriend. An exclusive boyfriend.
It's Facebook official and everything.
However, Mr. Awkward seemed to dismiss this fact and asked her on a date anyway.
Being the nice person that Karlee is she politely told Mr. Awkward "I have a boyfriend. But ya know, you're still a nice guy, I like being friends with you."
He then replied: "Okay. Since we're just friends, can we go on a casual, friendly date? And I won't hope for a make-out session at the end of night."
Okay, first of all:
Second of all:
What boy in his right mind would ask that question?
Third of all:
Me and my other roommates couldn't stop laughing.
Most awkward situation of anyone's life.
Too bad it happened in my roommates life. :) ha!