I'm Weird Because....

-I can't go to sleep with my socks on.

-I've started to have an unusual attachment to my CTR ring.

-I don't like lip gloss or chapstick.

-I think I showered maybe 4 times this week.
Motivation has been the death of me.

-I really can't stop thinking about a certain boy.

-I've really enjoyed being a part of elections at Utah State. Campaigning has been super fun!!

-My bangs have started to do this:
Flip out to the side like a dolphin tale.
Not attractive.

-I love running.

-I really don't like it when people swear. It makes me cringe inside.


Everybody has a little weirdness inside them:
Why are YOU weird??


  1. hey! i totally wish you would have come and said hi! i would have loved to catch up in logan! and ps, if this list makes you weird add me to it! I have dolphin flip bangs and looove campaigning too!

  2. my bangs so do that too! Drives me bonkers! Also glad to know I am not the only one who doesn't shower nearly as often as I prolly should...that is why they invented hats :)

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