Maybe Not...

Spring Break makes me think of this:

Actually...not so much WOOO and a lot of BOOO!!
Besides going to Arizona (which was FABULOUS!), my spring break has consisted of filling out
job application after job application after job application.
Which looks like this:

Ya know, if you want to lose your self-confidence fast, 
just fill out about 50 of those puppies and never get a sympathy e-mail in return.
It's pathetic, really.
My favorite part is when employers give you this HUGE list of questions to answer.

For example:
If your co-worker wasn't doing his job, what would you do?
A. Strangle him
B. Give him a pat on the back and tell him to do better.
C. Tell your manager
D.Secretly do his job for him so he won't get in trouble.

Spare me.
However, I have received a knack for this whole job thing.
Maybe I'll start a business helping people find jobs!
Or...maybe not...


  1. I HATE filling out those super long job applications questionnaire things! Gah! I hope you find something soon!

  2. I am in the same boat, application after application. There was one that I filled out where I was questioned about my honesty three times at least. Oh well, good luck in the job search! :)