Today At The Museum

As you might know,
I work at an art museum on campus and I LOVE IT!!!
bizarre things tend to happen.
I wish it was bizarre things like this:
That would make for one heck of a story.
unfortunately the bizarre things that happen usually involve dogs, typewriters, and confused managers.
Here's the scoop:
A lady brought a dog into the museum and asked if it could come with her while she explored the museum.
I really had no idea what to say to her, so I asked my manager if she would handle the situation.
Even my manager was stumped.
Who knew that a dog would be the one thing that would confuse us both?!
(P.S. We didn't let the dog in)
there's this cute, old typewriter in the museum, which everyone is free to use and leave their words behind.
Some people type poems.
Some people type how they feel about other people.
It's quite adorable really.
this man sat at that typewriter for three hours. Just typing away.
He was there for so long that one of the museum's customers asked me if he was part of the exhibit.
I laughed on the inside and politely told her no on the outside.
Oh gosh.
I love my job.


  1. What did the typewriter man have to say??? Anything good?

    1. I have no idea. He didn't leave anything like he's supposed to! :)

  2. haha that's funny

  3. i was also going to ask what the old man typed! i also really want to come type on that thing now. typewriters are so exciting! did you know you can buy a typewriter keyboard to go with your computer? lemme google it...ok well maybe i made that up. i swear i saw it once.

    1. I wish I knew!! Seriously?! He must have been writing a novel! That would be SOOO cool!! :) Typewriters are awesome. :)

  4. Baha! That is so goofy! Especially the typewriter guy! So random! Did you go and read what he wrote when he left?!

    1. I did! Except...it wasn't there. :( He must have taken it with him. :(