How Do You Know?!

♫..how does she knowwww, you love her..♫
♫...how does she knowwww, she's YOURS?...♫
SOOO...this post really isn't about Gizelle.
Although, Gizelle does have some valid questions in that little song of hers.
How do you know?!
Like, really.
How do you know if somebody likes you?
One day, this boy kind of started hinting.
Ya know.
The talking, the being super nice, and holding the door open for me.
But...do I just think he likes me?
does he really like me?
I can't tell.
What do you guys think?
P.S. In any case, this my "how do you know" face.
Also, I just really like drinking orange juice out of the carton. :)


  1. keep drinking out of the carton. always. also, watch my friend's dating video...i feel like it applies: http://www.eastercloset.com/2012/03/3-point-rule-first-video.html

    1. Thanks, Katie! You rock! :) That was an awesome video. Funny too. :)

  2. First funny story about this song...a family friend of mine thought for the longest time that the line "don't treat her like a mind-reader" actually said "don't treat her like you might eat her" hahaha
    as for how you know...the age old question the main thing is to watch how he treats others....does he treat you differently? Then he just might ;)

    1. Alrighty. I'm takin' up on that! Thanks, girl! :)