I Do This On A Regular Basis

Taking pictures of myself is regular occurrence.
 Scrunchy hamster face
 Just a pore strip & my glasses making me look like a grandma.
 Festival Of Colors & my outofcontrol hair
I got my bestest friend Lindsey to take some pictures for me!
It was SOO fun! PLUS I benefited with Aggie ice cream! #booyah

 Cute, right?
 Am I a True Aggie?
 I label this picture: ice cream to tongue moment. 
My cute clip was made by muchloveilly. I love it. I wear it ALL the time. :)
My hair looks OOBER long in this picture. I like it. 
 Sun flare!!! :)

 My lips look ready to be kissed. Just sayin'.
 Tehe. I love this.
 My face radiates how much love my tongue is feeling.
A profile picture worthy photo. ;)

Most definitely in love with these photos.


  1. I love all these pictures because I'm a true Aggie! wink wink

  2. These pictures are so cute!! And that ice cream looks delicious! Haha.