Is Makell Here? #bizarremoment

Once upon a time, I happened to have a bizarre experience.
Me & my roommates were sitting in our lovely apartment when we heard a knock at the door.
As usual, we yelled in unison: "COME IN!!!"
But no one came in.
We then again yelled: "COME IN!!"
Annnndddd, again, no one came in.
So, I stood up and opened the door.
Lo and behold, there stood two boys, whom none of us had ever seen before.
They were very nice and made some small talk,
I had just cooked some bacon, so our apartment was smoky and they asked us what we had been doing.
Karlee (my roommate) said "Smoking pot." She was totally kidding by the way.
The boys were SOO awkward & didn't even laugh. They just stared at her.
Then they asked "Is makell here?"
We all looked at each other and said "Noooo"
Boys: "Oh...well...call us if she comes back."
My thought process: "I don't have your number!"
What I actually said: "Okay."
Then the boys left.
Talk about bizarre.
Besides that, I listened to General Conference this weekend.
My favorite talk:
Go President Uchtdorf!! :) I wouldn't mind going on a date with one of his grandsons! ;)


  1. haha we had those same boys (maybe) looking for a girl with that name stop by our apt. We told them that no one that lived in our apt had that number. ha. This was on thursday though. ha.

  2. oh uchtdorf! he's a silver fox, that one. yes please to dating the offspring!

  3. Haha. That is a pretty funny story! I love that you all said you were smoking pot! I bet they believed it! ;)

  4. Once upon a time four to five years ago two boys in suits came to my door. I was in my pajamas and looked gross and they asked if Chelsie and Monica lived there. I was like "um, no," but I felt SO bad because these boys had gotten all dressed up for these girls and maybe the girls hadn't given them the right apartment number, so I ran around my apartment looking for my ward directory and couldn't find it. So they left. I went upstairs to talk to my roommate and then again there was a knock on the door... these two boys asked if we wanted to go and get ice cream... later we asked them what they were doing and they looked at each other and said, "we just got our suits for our missions so we wanted to try them on and then we decided to walk around and ask for random girls... then we'd take two girls we meet out for ice cream." Sort of weird, sort of brilliant... I guess. Cute they wanted to wear their suits that much.... (sorry for the long story, I felt it was appropriate ;) )

    1. Oh my gosh! That is SOO cool, girl!!! Great story! Thanks! :) :)