(500) Days Of Summer, Pride & Prejudice, and Fate

Yesterday, I started watching (500) Days Of Summer.
It's a fabulous movie and I started feeling all sentimental and lovey-dovey.
I was definitely in the mood to read a desperate romance.
I would have chosen to read Persuasion as it is my FAVORITE book of all time, but since I'm lame and haven't purchased it yet, I came to the conclusion that I should read its partner-in-crime: Pride & Prejudice.
I figured that would be easier to find PLUS I've never read it.
I headed out on my journey to the Logan library to check it out.
However, the library was closed. Bummer. On to the bookstores!
I checked out two different bookstores in Logan before I found one that was open.
And guess what?
Sitting on the first table I looked at was this:

It was fate, I tell ya!
Pure fate.

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  1. Nice! :] I have never read Pride and Prejudice either...and I own it! I need to get on that! Haha.