Jane Austen Fettish

I feel like I might have already blogged about this topic...oh well.
Here's the truth: I'm having a Jane Austen fettish.

This is getting bad.
Like really bad.
I had a 45 minute convo with my manager about our hopeless romanticism and our love for everything Mr. Darcy.
I don't think that happens in normal life.
In normal life, you avoid any social interaction with managers.
But no.
I decide to talk to them about Jane Austen.
I can't help it.
Mr. Darcy.
Mr. Knightly.
Captain Frederick Wentworth. (my personal fav)
I can't get enough.
You know what else I can't get enough of?!
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  1. While I admire your manager-bravery, I regret to inform you that fetish only has one "t".

  2. You should totally read Austenland, I think if you like Jane Austens books you will like this book.