Katilda guest blog!! in which i plead my case for not being a hoarder.

Dearest readers,
please welcome Katie from her blog Katilda!
She's pretty much one of my FAVORITE people on the earth.
Even though I've never met her in person, I still think she's my favorite.
We switched blogs for today, so go check me out over there! :)
Without further adieu....I present KATILDA!!!

confession: i am not a hoarder.
other confession: i might be in denial...?
here's the thing: i'm not so good at throwing things away.
here's the other thing: i'm really good at getting attached to new things and bringing them home.
...you see how this can add up to a problem?
for the record, i am not like the people on that dastardly television show.
i do not have dead cat remains growing into my carpet, for one.
and i'm pretty sure there are no food remnants anywhere in my room.
i can also get out of my home without a forklift.
i did discover a new passion in the last couple years:
refinishing furniture.
owning furniture.
looking at furniture on craigslist.
browsing furniture at thrift stores.
rescuing furniture from curbs.
drooling over furniture on pinterest.
making people look at my furniture when they come over.
making people come over so i can make them look at my furniture.
using broken furniture as an excuse to make boys come over to help me fix said broken furniture.
...is this tactic working for me? remains to be seen...
remember, i am not a hoarder.
even if there were no less than 7 chairs in my living room last month.
i'm more like...a foster parent.
those chairs all needed a loving home, yo!
and, let's be honest...
some of them chairs clean up real nice.
yes, you may call me the chair whisperer.


  1. Hahaha oh Katie...I love how you said that you were "pretty sure" there were no food remnants in your carpet ;) And Elisabeth, now I'm gonna go check out the rest of your blog! :)

    1. ....pretty sure is better than not sure at all.........actually i vacuumed this weekend. so i'm feeling pretty confident about the floor.

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