There's Something About 'Um

There's something about an elderly couple walking hand in hand towards the temple that lifts my heart and makes me smile.

There's something about running your guts out and smelling the light May breeze that makes me think about all of God's magnificent creations.

There's something about a boy smelling fabulous that makes me giggle inside.

There's something about thinking of going on a mission that makes me beam with joy.

There's something about getting a text message that makes my mind incessantly excited.

There's something about working at Quiznos that I thoroughly dislike.

There's something about knowing that a boy thinks I'm cute that gives me that self-confidence booster that I need daily.

There's something about realizing that my favorite bloggers read my blog. You guys are my idols. :) Thanks!

There's something about reaching deep inside you to find the courage to be happy.


    I so know the feeling!

  2. this list made me happy as well! i like floating on a lake. that makes me feel happy and relaxed. it's like you can't be stressed because you're in the middle of a lake and you couldn't get up and fix your problems even if you wanted to. you just keep floating.