Things I Learned From Changing A Flat Tire

Oh the things I learn from getting a flat tire.
I'm glad I witnessed so many flat tires during my childhood.
I think those moments prepared me for my ultimate challenge.

Here's what I learned:
--Lugnuts are so stinkin' hard to get off. Even using my amazing upper body strength, I couldn't get them off. Then I got smart. Where do women harbor most of their strength? In their legs. Luckily, I have a lot of leg, so those puppies didn't stand a chance.

--I know the terms for all the tools now. Donut, lugnut, jack, hubcap...etc. I feel extremely educated.

--I pinched my finger in the process of putting the donut on. Owie! But I've got a battle wound! I've always wanted a battle wound.

--And most importantly, I now know that I can change a tire all by myself. Holla!!


  1. Good job Girl!!! I'm proud of ya :)

  2. You are such a tough girl! Every driver will experience having a flat tire once in his/her life. Seeing lots of faulty tires certainly your turned to your advantage. It amazes me how you learned doing all the dirty work just by observing. I know that it feels like an accomplishment to change a flat tire all by yourself, but I would advise you to drive more carefully next time.

  3. Well, the good thing is you have some background on this thing. You should probably buy a drill that works through your car lighter, Elisabeth. Of course those lug nuts were tight since they hold the tires. They would be too much for a woman to handle, unless you’re a bodybuilder. ;) I know almost every hardware store has that.