Eating Skittles

I would like to preface this post by saying that I'm super embarrassed right now.
Mostly because I gave a talk in church today & all I did was ramble about adversity.
Which (of course) means that I spilled my guts all over the pulpit.
Gross & embarrassing. I know.
I was trying to impress a cute boy while also trying to appear normal.
That's never a good combination.
So, to relieve myself from my self-inflicted horror, I am eating skittles.
Their expiration date was probably the year 1997 and they taste a lot a little stale, but oh well.
I am eating the skittles anyway.


  1. love the change!!!!!! super super cute!
    And if my current job hunt takes me to the Logan area--you are my first choice for assistant! :)

  2. Skittles are great reconcilers. :)

    I get to trying-to-impress-a-cute-boy-then-totally-failing thing. . . . Though, I'm sure that in your case, you gave a great talk. :) ;)

    I'm going to be in Logan today and some tomorrow! I wish I could come meet you! I wonder if there is a possibility that we could meet at a food place or something!

    LOVE your new look!! ;)