Today Has Been A Sensational Day

Getting up this morning, I hadn't planned on life being so awesome.
I rolled out of bed, showered, put my wet hair in a sock bun, and went to work.
Then at work, something changed.
I started talking to my co-workers & everything got significantly better.
One of my co-workers is getting married and we talked about her story and how he proposed and all that jazz. It was wonderful. We joked around about the weird names people give their kids.
(Like...Crystal Ball. Who would name their kid that?)
(Also, nature names? River...Forrest...yeah. that's weird.)
After work, I got in my car and the radio was blasting Backstreet Boys. Besides, One Direction, they are my all-time favorite boy band.
Then Kelly Clarkson's What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger came on.
Jeez. The mountainous amounts of advice and encouragement I got in just driving home from work was incredible.
Now, I sit here on my comfy bed, blogging, and thinking about getting a jamba and reading Pride & Prejudice.
Dang. Today has seriously been a sensational day.


  1. I want you to have that jamba. I want it for you so bad. And more BSB.

  2. I honest. too. goodness. know a girl named Krystal Balls. She married into the name. And facebook won't let her put "Balls" as her last name so she is Krystal Ball for all the interwebs to see. Bless her heart.

  3. yessss. one direction. and seriously. what was Beyonce thinking with that whole Blue Ivy deal??